Who’s In The Demo Area in 2018?

COMPAS Teaching Artist Heidi Jeub


Heidi Jeub has studied architecture, art, cultural studies and American Studies. She has a BA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota. She is an avid journaler, and stored all the information she learned in hardbound books: one page was art history, the next was algebra, and on top of that (literally) sketches for her sculpture class. All the information occasionally became part of her, even if not in the traditional sense. She is known not only for her book art and visual journaling workshops, but has also braved abstraction and interdisciplinary collaborative art installations for high school students in Greater Minnesota. Currently, Heidi is pursuing her MA in Arts and Cultural Leadership at the U of MN, practicing her painting and bookbinding in her studio in St. Cloud, and living in Little Falls as a mother of three. She was awarded the McKnight Emerging Artist Award in 2014, and has received many artist development grants from Five Wings Arts Council and Central MN Arts Board.

While at CulturFest, Heidi will be working with attendees to create a large scale mural reflective of the city of Owatonna and the diversity herein.  Learn more about Heidi at: www.heidijeub.com and  http://www.compas.org/artists/heidi-jeub

Somali Museum of Minnesota        * Somalia

Somali Kebed Weaving
Using no loom or frame, Somali nomads weave mats by hand to cover their houses.

Various cultural artifacts on display

Learn more at:  https://www.somalimuseum.org/


Hmong Farming – * Laos

Come and learn about the history and role of farming in the Hmong Culture from the Keng Vang family. Produce will be available for sale.





Pre-1840 Buckskinner Era – * USA


JD and Vicky Doth will show what life was like during thfur trade era by the group known as the Buckskinners.
JD will be making a center seam style moccasin based
on a pattern very common to the Iroquois Nations from the
northeastern United States and eastern Canada. They
will be made from elk hide and stitched by hand using
imitation sinew. Guests at this booth can try to identify a
variety of animal furs commonly used for clothing during
this era.


Learn about Pottery with Heather Meyer  * England

Heart Shaped PotteryWatch Heather create different pieces of pottery on a pottery wheel.

After over twenty years of working in clay, the process of transforming a lump of mud into a meaningful vessel still intrigues and amazes me. Potter working I enjoy creating functional ware that is aesthetically pleasing for everyday use and ritual, such as to enjoy that morning cup of coffee.  My educational influences are through my experience at Bemidji State University, and University of Wisconsin-Superior where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree, and Masters of Art degree, respectively.  Heather is the propreiter of Muddy Paws Ceramics.

Steele County Historical Society – Pioneer Days   *  USA

Pioneer DaysThe Steele County Historical Society is pleased to share our local history at Culturfest! We will be demonstrating cider pressing, butter making, and leather working. Steele County has a rich agricultural heritage, with many different ethnic groups settling here and making their living from the land. That tradition has continued with the County being one of the top agricultural production Counties in Minnesota. Guests will get to experience food and agricultural production as the early settlers would have done, along with guest demonstrator, Roger Reb showing how the ever resourceful Midwesterners would have worked with leather. For more information about SCHS, please visit our website at www.steelehistorymuseum.org.

Hmong Museum   * Laos

Sandy LoSandy Lo and members of the Hmong Museum of Minnesota will demonstrate and teach the art of stitching to communicate a story in the Hmong cultureHmong Story Cloth.

THe Hmong Museum will show participants different motifs and patterns of Hmong textiles or Paj Ntaub (pah-dao). Participants will get an opportunity to create their own motifs and patterns on a stamp by using a cork and foam sheets. 




Therapy Dogs International – Meet Penny and her leash handler, Jan   * England

Penny was born on October 19 2006. She is a Golden Retriever mix. She
passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test on May 18, 2009 and TDI
Penny the therapy dog. evaluation test on January 19, 2010. After her annual health examination in February, Penny began her career as a certified therapy dog on March 5, 2010 visiting the former Cedarview Care Center.

In addition to visiting care centers Penny also visits memory care facilities, assisted living and senior complexes, hospices, hospitals, the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, and schools (Wilson, Lincoln, and McKinley in Owatonna and Southgate in Austin).

Penny’s job is to provide comfort and to lift the spirits of everyone she sees. At school Penny listens to students who read to her.She is
also there to offer comfort to anyone in need.

Quinceañera     * Mexico

The transition from girl to woman is celebrated in various ways throughout the world. In Mexico it has very unique roots and is celebrated when girls turn fifteen. Local girls who have recently celebrated their Quinciñera will join us and talk about their experience and the importance of this tradition.

Sorenson Bee Farm   * Egypt

HoneyBeehivesJoin local professional bee keeper, Launie Sorensen, as he shares his experience raising bees and harvesting this ancient non-perishable food source found in the ancient ruins of the Egyptian pyramids.


 The Narren of New Ulm

Image result for narren german

The narren tradition dates back centuries in Germany. “Narren” (“narrin” auf deutsch/in German) literally means “fool”. Performers don masks and take on the personality of the character they represent.
The Narren of New Ulm, Minnesota, formed in 1989 when two hand-carved wooden masks were received from Steinhilben, Deutschland. The group has grown to over 30 masked and costumed characters. They are official greeters to New Ulm who provide entertainment for people of all ages at area festivals, events, parades, and community celebrations of all kinds. They dance their way into one’s heart wearing their colorful trachten (costumes) and performing clever antics.  


* Designates a demonstrator who is participating as a passport stamping    station.