What’s at Culturfest?

Sports, Music, Dance, Arts, Food

This full day festival is filled with a large variety of entertainment opportunities for you to enjoy. The main stage runs the full day of the festival and is filled with performers of all types. We have musicians, dancers, vocalists, performers and much more. CulturFest ties back to most countries – so whether you come from Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico or any other country we more than likely have an activity representative of that region.

We also have a demonstration area that involves hands on demonstration of various crafts and or activities that represent the performer’s country of origin. The demonstration area is a wonderful way for attendees of the festival to learn firsthand about other heritages.

Artisians (Folk Artists) are also on hand to sell their wares – we have hand crafted items from around the globe that are for sale during the festival. One can purchase everything from sweaters, jewelry, home décor items and much more. Each of these items are hand crafted, many of which come from the far reaches of the globe through Fair Trade vendors.

Sporting events – help to round out the festival entertainment options. We have had everything from Rugby, LaCrosse, Soccer, Cricket, and Horseback riding as part of the festival over the years. Sporting events are such an important part of a countries history that we wanted to make sure that we were including that as part of the festival as well.