2018  Sporting Events



Curling – * Scotland
Owatonna Curling Club – Come join us and learn about the wonderful sport of curling that began back in February 1541, in Medieval Scotland, and has become a worldwide sport that is included in the Olympics. Learn how the sport has developed over the years with the advancement of technology. Did you know that there are only two quarries in the world that has the granite strong enough to be made into the curling stone – do you know where they are located? Come, learn and have fun at the stand representing Scotland and the sport of curling.  https://owatonnacurling.org








Kubb – * Sweden

Kubb is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks, known as kubbs, by throwing wooden batons at them, known as “haselsticks.” Kubb can be described perhaps as a combination of bowling and horseshoes.  Norwegian Kubb
Play takes place on a small rectangular playing field, known as a ‘pitch’. ‘Kubbs’ are placed at both ends of the pitch, and the ‘king’, a larger wooden block, is placed in the middle of the pitch. Players toss batons (wood dowels) at their opponent’s kubbs (wooden blocks) trying to knock them down.   Game ends when all an opponent’s kubbs are knocked down and you have knocked down the king (taller wooden block). 

A lawn game said to have originated from the Vikings (Nordic, not the Minnesota NFL team) .Some describe it as a combination of bowling and horseshoes.  The games are played on pitches (fields) measuring 5 meters × 8 meters (about 16 feet by 26 feet).  It’s a great game for people of all ages!  Kubb is very easy to learn, but hard to master.Some rules vary from country to country and from region to region, but the ultimate object of the game is to

knock over the ‘kubbs’ on the opposing side of the pitch, and then to knock over the ‘king’, before the opponent does. Games can last from five minutes to well over an hour. The game can be played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or even ice.
The alleged Viking origin of the game has led some players and kubb fans to nickname the game “Viking chess”.  https://www.kubbingtokickcancer.org/about-kubb/