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Team Requirements:               

  • Teams shall be comprised of two (2) members.
  • Each member must be 12 years of age or older by September 24th 2018 and one team member must be 18 or older.
  • Team members must provide their own functional bike and helmet for use during the race.
  • Teams must complete the registration form, waiver and select a designate a charity.
  • Each team is asked to select a charity they wish to dedicate potential race winnings to.  


Participant Incentives: Each participant will receive a team t-shirt to be worn on race day as well as a drawstring bag with a course map and other goodies to be used after the competition. Cash prizes to be donated to the charity of your choice will be awarded to 1st-3rd place. (1st = $200, 2nd = $100, 3rd = $50) Medallions will be presented to teams finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the conclusion of the last challenge and tabulation on the CulturFest grounds at Wilson Elementary School, 325 Meadow Lane, Owatonna.

The Route: The race begins at Wilson Elementary and proceeds toward the bike trail along the Straight River. The course continues on the
path winding through several of Owatonna’s favorite parks and concludes back at Wilson Elementary. The route will be properly marked and monitored by volunteers for your safety.

Participant Rules:

  1. Follow general road and bike safety (i.e. traffic, intersections, road signs)
  2. Teams must stay on the outlined course to and from pit stops
  3. Teams cannot interfere with other teams safety on the course or during a challenge
  4. Teams cannot begin a challenge until both participants are present at the pit stop
  5. Teams will be required to complete the challenge within the allotted time frame. If a challenge is not completed a 1 minute time penalty will be enforced before final results are compiled
  6. Teams cannot depart for the next challenge until the previous challenge is complete or time penalty has been noted
  7. Teams must take equal turns completing the challenge (i.e. one team member cannot complete every challenge)


Race Terms:

Detour: Team members must choose one team member to do one of two tasks (participants may switch between the two tasks)
Fast Forward Pass: Teams will given one fast forward pass to be used when they choose at any point during the challenge if they do not believe they can complete the challenge within the given time. If the pass is used, the team will receive a 4 minute penalty but they are welcome to move on to the next pit stop immediately. If the pass is not used during the race, a 4 minute advantage will be awarded at the end of the race.
Inside your Race Bag: Participants will be given a race bag to hold personal belongings (water bottle, keys etc.) as well as race materials; race map, fast forward pass, race rules, emergency contact sheet, and a CulturFest program.

Race Reminders:

  • You will be supplied with a team t-shirt to help distinguish your team from the others
  • You will need to supply your own bike and helmet and CultuRace is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

Weather Notice: This event is considered a “rain or shine” competition. Please come prepared for all weather types. In the event that severe weather is forecasted, please refer to the website for clarification and further instruction.

Race Contact: Allysa Bowers by phone #507-330-0112 or by email at

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